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About the company

Safelet BV

Safelet is an innovative company which operates in the field of wearable and IoT technology. Products in the field of empowering devices such as safety bracelets empowering jewellery. The combination of design, technology and safety enables us to create valuable product with a meaningful and high social impact.

Assignment description

Safelet part of Everfind holding is seeking for distribution partners, import partners and sales agents who are willing to contribute to the success of Safelet, by doing good business.

To accelerate our global focus strategy we are seeking for representative distribution partners and sales agents who like to operate in an innovative and challenging industry of wearable technology solutions for a broad market.

As partner you have an extensive network and a solid understanding of multi sales channels. You are able to introduce new products in the market. We will support you with all necessary information, promotions and marketing activities. You have experience with sales strategies in the B2B and B2C field and are able to increase the sales and business opportunities.

Profile requirements

Passionate about the significant and social impact of the Internet of Things on the lives of billions of people worldwide.

A sales partner who wants to operate in an dynamic and inspiring field. With a creative and international oriented mind set. Who is willing to increase the market share and be part of an innovative company and product with a high social impact. By doing good and doing good business.

Able to position and promote new and innovative product in the market.

Has experience and an extensive network in the B2B or B2C sales field.

Create new businesses models and opportunities.

Target clients

B2C clients
Main target groups
•Woman and men in the age of 15 till 60 (who wants to feel comfortable , connected and protected no matter where they are).
•Senior citizen (who are living alone and are willing to stay connected with people who will be there in need).
•People with medical concerns (Feel secure and not restricted by their medical issue to go outside, the feeling that they are connected with their safety network can increase the well-being).

Further Distribution channels to be targeted would be:
 Selected retail channels and outlets
 Health care industry
Security industry
Taxi and mobility
 Real Estate sector
 Fitness Industry
 Elderly sector
 Hospitality Industry

Product description

Safelet is a state of the art security device that combines technology, design and safety. As user you are able to define, maintain and control your own safety network.

Safelet is a stylish safety bracelet that allows you to send out an emergency alert to your friends, family and optional the police with just one click. The preselected safety network (the guardians), will receive an instant message with the exact location and realtime audio.

The unique concept behind Safelet is the user friendly safelet app and the extended guardians safety network.

Additional information

High and market conform margin and commission structure from volume to value strategy

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Reference : 628235

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