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Looking for Distributors of Rigid Plastic Packaging in Spain

Independent DistributorSPAIN


About the company

Parekhplast India Ltd

Parekhplast India Ltd. is a 35 year old pioneer in plastic packaging industry. We are innovators who provide differentiation to your packaging that will help you become the leader in the market. We have been supplying primary packaging to clients all across the world to over 100 clients.

Assignment description

We are looking for someone who can distribute products from our Portfolio in Spain.
the details of all our products can be found at

Profile requirements

You already have a successful experience in sales in B to B and have loyal professional customers. Looking for an additional card to complete your range and offer new products to your customers.

You will be responsible for the entire sales process (establishment of the database, canvassing, making appointments, business proposals, POS ...), as well as monitoring of your portfolio's return and customer satisfaction.

Target clients

Pharmaceuticals,Nutraceuticals,Cosmetics, Food etc.

Product description

We provide rigid plastic Packaging services to various sectors.
Effervescent Tablet tubes,Desiccant Caps, Tablet containers, dropper bottles, actuators, CRC Caps, Screw caps etc. We also provide customised solutions according to the needs of the client
We also provide printing services for the above packaging namely Screen printing, Dry Offset Printing and Heat Transfer Labelling.

Additional information

Sales assistanceWeb site


Reference : 626980

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