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About the company

Delco Group

Delco International Pvt. Ltd. established in 1992, the organisation was a brain child of Mr. Sunil Dhawan,the pioneer in India in the field of bristles, synthetic bristles, paint brushes and rollers.

Delco International Pvt. Ltd. has a branch office and production unit in China which is named 'Yangzhou Delco Animal Product company Ltd.'This company is situated in jiangdu City which is a few Km.from Shanghai, has distinction of being the first foreign Enterprise in its category in China.

This unit in China is processing different ranges of bristles like Chungking white boiled & Chungking Black boiled bristles, Hankow white boiled bristles,Hankow black boiled bristles and has a manufacturing unit of synthetic bristles also.

Delco International is a sole manufacturer of synthetic bristles in India. Equipped with the state of the out technology with equipments imported from China,the unit produces high quality synthtic bristles in accordance with the Chinese production methodology.

Delco International Pvt. Ltd. offers processed natural bristles and the synthetic bristles PET & PBT filaments to meet the demands of those business organizations. Those are looking for high quality natural bristles, synthetic bristles, paint brushes and rollers at reasonable/highly competitive prices.

Assignment description

Brushes take many forms and perform many functions, and the list grows longer each day. Brushes of every conceivable description are in use in products and manufacturing operations everywhere.

We need agents to represent our company to sell paintbrushes, paintrollers and Filaments

we are world leaders in our industry

Profile requirements

Anyone with experience in this industry is qualified to partner with us

Target clients

Our Target Clients are :-

Paint Companies
Paint Distributors
Large construction company
Paintbrush Manufacturer - for filaments

Product description

Paintbrushes and Paintrollers are used to paint

filaments are used to make paintbrushes which all Paintbrush manufacturer need

Additional information

1 - 7 %

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