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looking for sales agent to sell our mix gluten-free flours

Independent Sales AgentUNITED KINGDOM

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About the company


We offer gluten free flour mix that allow for incredible results and save time for professionals

Assignment description

We are looking for sales agent to sell our mix gluten-free flours throughout Europe and internationally for wholesalers and professionals.

These mix used to make gluten-free breads shitty hand that does not exist on the market today.
It is the same for our pastry mix, which allows for pastries with top quality standard.

Profile requirements

Trade in food and particularly in sales to wholesalers

Target clients

wholesalers, professionals

Product description

We propose to sell in large quantities (from a tonne) gluten-free flour mix to allow the professionals to make gluten-free bread and pastries

Similae offers flours mix guarantee 100% gluten free. Our flours contain no additives or stabilizers.

We create mix of pre-measured flour, allowing us to replace without special calculation wheat flour with weight equivalence

Our production sites based in Europe guarantee a quality in respect of the FSSC 22000 standard (production 100% gluten free without cross-contamination)

Additional information

3 - 6 %

on turnover


Reference : 627763

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