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Hot new accessory product for Smart Phones and Go Pro for shooting stable video.

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About the company


Although there are other video stabilizers on the market today – almost all of them still have a few shortcomings in terms of what they can and cannot be used for. High-end camera stabilizers are not at all suited for smart phones or compact video cameras like the GoPro®, and most people cannot afford to spend several hundred, or sometimes thousands of dollars on this type of equipment. The StayblCam is priced at only $74.95.

Many competing stabilizers are also not that easy to operate for the average consumer. Most often, users have to spend some time setting a balance point with counterweights, screws, or levers – and they are prone to problems like wind affecting balance. The StayblCam was designed from the ground up to be extremely easy to use for anyone.

Assignment description

We are looking for representation throughout the U.S. in key markets and across the world to demonstrate and manage retail channels for the StayblCam as an independent rep firm. The product is shipping and the demand is growing through our Facebook Promotions. This is a hot product that will sell itself to anyone who is wanting to shoot better video with their smart phone or go pro camera.

Profile requirements

We are looking for established representation with contacts at key retail outlets to introduce the Stayblcam and drive the business relationships on a local basis.

Target clients

Retail Outlets selling Smart Phone Accessories
Gift Shops at Airports
Gift Shops at Amusement Parks
Phone Stores
Phone Repair Stores

Product description

StayblCam is the flagship product working with Smart Phones and Go Pro's as a way to attach and provide stable video through a shot sequence. Lightweight, portable, affordable, rugged, and reliable while working with all the major smart phone types. Helps to elevate the video to a professional look from any good smart phone including the iPhone, Samsung, LG, etc. as well as Go Pro. Affordable at 74.00 US. Made in the USA and patented technology.

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