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About the company

Compressport Tactical

Compressport Tactical is a division of Compressport International, which was born out of passion and respect for elite athletes.

From a 100 miles Ultra Runner to an IronMan World Champion to a Tour the France Cyclist.

Our products are tested in the toughest conditions we can find like the Sahara Dessert, Mont Blanc, Hawai and Abu Dhabi.

Our products have been endorsed by professional athletes as being the best compression technology product. Compressport products were born from a collaboration between doctors, athletes and manufactures. We know pain, we know hard work, we know pushing it to the limits. With the same passion we started six years ago we now launch Compressport Tactical.

This new line was developed out respect for the extremely difficult day to day tasks of the military and law enforcement. Compressport Tactical is especially designed to help these man and women who put their lives at risk every day in their day to day duty. Compressport Tactical will give them an extra edge in their performance.

Assignment description

Contacting sales leads, setting appointments, quoting projects, and closing sales.

We are looking for independent sales / vrp / distributors or wholesalers exclusive or multi-card who are able to contribute to the commercial development of our brand

You already have a successful experience in sales in B to B and have loyal professional customers. Looking for an additional card to complete your range and offer new products to your customers.

Profile requirements

Excellent presentation
Excellent knowledge in this sector
Solid market knowledge and customer consolidated backlog

Independent Business / vrp / distributors or wholesalers (exclusive multicard) with a strong network and customer portfolio

With a good relational, dynamic, persistent, disciplined and organized, you already have considerable experience. Invested of business temperament and a real conviction and capacity to perform; detainer of a desire for autonomy and independence.

Target clients

Importers, wholesalers, retail stores,law enforcement agencies,

Product description

Compressport® compression garments are developed to support you before, during and after the effort . As an athlete, you need a performance solution allowing you to train longer, race stronger and improve your recovery. No matter the race, every athlete needs the very best to perform and to prevent fatigue and injury.

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