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up to 100$ each sale/ transparent and easy sales to Amazon/ online sellers !earn from home!

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virual productCustomers: Buy in Chinawork from homeonline marketers neededup to 100$ commission

About the company

Twice a year, Hong Kong and Canton have the most important physical product fairs in the world.
This is the place where Chinese manufacturers show off their best work and offer some of the highest quality, low-cost products ever made.
The only problem is… not everyone can get to China to get their hands on these goods.
And you can’t even find most of these manufacturers on Alibaba, so it’s almost impossible for most sellers to compete with anyone who’s lucky enough to get to the fairs.
But now, anyone in the world can have access to 346 of the world’s best-made, best-selling products.

We visit the Canton and Hong Kong fairs and create a report with the best product picks found. Our main customers are Amazon & Ebay sellers.

Assignment description

Work from Home on your own schedule.
Market our products mainly via Facebook groups that already contain huge numbers of potential customers. If you are confirm with clickbank or similar services we found the account for you.

We are inviting Sales Agents to take advantage of a growing market by joining our Sales Team to develop clients in the USA, offering an opportunity to impress your clients with our amazing services!

Profile requirements

In best case you are online seller yourself or understand how to sell virtual products via the internet.

-Motivated and Ambitious personality
-Prior business development and sales experience, preferably in the industry
-Solid market knowledge and customer consolidated backlog

Target clients

Amazon sellers
eBay sellers
Anyone selling physical products and buys in China.

Product description

Our advantage is that this report includes products that cannot be found on the market yet.

All products quality is guaranteed.

It gives a competitive advantage to your competition if you sell products online.

Additional information

20 - 30 %

up to 100$ per sale

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